Discover an entirely new paradigm of doing effective online business using PayPal

$59 a year
$69 a year
$79 a year
Transactions Visibility
dashboard access to the number of transactions
5,000 20,000 50,000
Transactions History
download PayPal transactions from the past
1 year 3 years 6 years
Connected Accounts
number of PayPal accounts that can be connected
1 1 5
Dashboard Access
Summary, Transactions, Sales, Payments
Data Encryption
keeps your data safe and secure
Send Money
send money through PayPal in a split-second
Issue Refunds
to unhappy customers in no time
Automatic Synchronization
allows you to get near real time updates
Customers Dashboard
access customer details, orders and contribution
Products Dashboard
performance, revenue and much more for products
Search and Reporting Dashboard
search and report on multiple transaction attributes
Access Control
controlled access to money transfers and refunds
Archive Transactions
for a performance boost
unlimited email support for the term
Windows and Mac compatible
works great on all Windows and Mac computers