User Account

User Account in PaySketch is an access control mechanism that lets only the account owner to login using a username and a password. This mechanism is in place because PaySketch is directly connected with your PayPal account and to ensure legit access to your data, a user account helps with the enforcement.

Before connecting PaySketch to your PayPal account, the software will enforce creation of a user account as a mandate.

The User Account in PaySketch can be created by the following steps:-

  1. Run PaySketch
  2. After the application loads completely, click on the Dashboard dropdown and select Settings
  3. The User tab will be visible by default – this is where from one can create a User Account to login to PaySketch

PaySketch user account

PaySketch User Account setup

The following components form the User Account setup:-

  1. Username – enter a username to login
  2. Password – enter a unique password
  3. Password Confirmation – confirm the password (in this field, the password characters will not be hidden)
  4. Security Question – a security question in case you forget the password
  5. Answer to the security question – answer the security question
  6. Click on the Create Account button and the account will be created in a blink.

After creating the account, one would need to login everytime when the application starts. The following login window will appear

User Account Login