New Features with v7.2

Shortly after the release of v7 for PaySketch, we started getting user feedback on more features that would make our end users lives easier and here we are with another release in 3 months with a good load of them.
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Download PayPal Transactions

Download PayPal Transactions

For any business using PayPal, it is crucial to keep track of transactions for maintaining records, creating balance sheets, and even for collecting email addresses (leads). The transaction history is basically a compiled list of all the primary transactions that have taken place through your PayPal account. These transactions include the ones for payments sent/received, debit/credit requests, donations, refunds, amount roll-backs, chargeback fee etc. However, downloading transactions directly from PayPal wasn’t so easy until PaySketch came into being.
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Subscriptions Report

Subscriptions Report for PayPal

Being able to generate a report on Subscription based payments from PayPal was much sought after by a good number of our users and with the latest version of PaySketch, you can create subscription report for PayPal in not time. Read more

PaySketch 7.0

PaySketch 7.0

As Daniel Keys Moran rightly quotes

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

Today we announce the release of PaySketch 7.0 – a powerful, end-to-end solution that packs all the information that you would want to see from your online sales through PayPal and much more. With this, we continue to follow our legacy to empower PayPal merchants by making them more aware about their businesses and keeping them up-to-date with their account activity, composing analytically driven pointers for quick catch ups, and helping them make better business decisions with enterprise class reporting.

PaySketch is now more feature packed and we’d like to give you a glimpse of all the new aspects and changes that you’ll experience with the 7th generation of this software.
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PaySketch 6.0: multi-currency support, super cache, subscriptions and more…

We’re announcing PaySketch 6.0 today – our most worked-upon, feature-packed and refined software release to date. Like 5.1 this one too has been built ground up with a joint effort between our users and the engineering team. With the help provided from your contiguous feedback and enhancement requests, we were able to work upon the most useful (and desired) features, fix issues and beef up the product so that it provides more value to your business while you save both, time and money. Read more


PaySketch 5.1 Released

Today, we announce version 5.1 for PaySketch. To date, this is the largest minor release that we’ve developed and credit goes to all the feedback and joint contribution that our user have chipped in with. We have made some great features and astounding product progress with version 5.1 and here they are… Read more

Financial Summary Report

Create Monthly Financial Summary PayPal Report

If you run an online business and accept payments using PayPal, then it often becomes a cumbersome task to manage all the bookkeeping and accounting for financial transactions to and from your PayPal account. With PaySketch though, you can manage PayPal book-keeping and accounting with ease. It also lets you create reports, such as the monthly financial summary PayPal report with categorizes transactional values and sums them up under easily distinguishable and important verticals.

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Paypal Accounting Software

PayPal Accounting Software

Accounting has never been easy for PayPal merchants. It involves users to manually download PayPal transaction history one month at a time, collate and combine the CSV data in Excel and then play around with formulas to get to final numbers. To make things even more time consuming and difficult, PayPal does not let users download transaction history right away. One needs to select a date range (of 31 days max), and then wait for the data to be collected by PayPal servers. Once ready, PayPal sends an email notification so that users can re-login to PayPal and download a month’s worth of transaction log. Now, we have a smart and faster way to get through this with a PayPal accounting software – PaySketch Read more