Send Money through PayPal

PaySketch allows you to send money through PayPal in just a couple of clicks. The software checks and validates if your PayPal account balance has sufficient funds before initiating the money transfer request. To send money, simply click on the Send Money button that shows up in the notifications section of all dashboards in PaySketch.

Send Money through Paypal

Note that this button will only be visible and functionality available if you are running a registered version of PaySketch. If you are still running the unregistered version of the software and wish to use this functionality, Buy PaySketch and follow the Settings Dashboard guide to register your copy of PaySketch. You (as an account administrator), can also disable the functionality from the Settings Dashboard.

Clicking on the Send Money button will open a popup, requesting the following details:-

  • Email – enter the email address of the person to whom the money has to be transferred.
  • Amount – enter the amount to be transferred. The amount will be in the account’s primary currency. For example, if your account’s currency is USD, then the transfer amount will be in USD.

Send Money through PayPal - PaySketch popup

Please note that to send money through PayPal, the computer needs to be connected to the internet and the PayPal must have sufficient balance for the money transfer to be successful.


Mass Payments needs to be enabled in your PayPal account for Send Money functionality to work, otherwise, you’ll see an error message (which is returned from PayPal when PaySketch tries to trigger the Send Money action when you request).

Use cases

You can use this feature to:-

  • Send money through PayPal
  • Transfer money to an email address through PayPal
  • Make a personal payment