Financial Summary Report

Create Monthly Financial Summary PayPal Report

If you run an online business and accept payments using PayPal, then it often becomes a cumbersome task to manage all the bookkeeping and accounting for financial transactions to and from your PayPal account. With PaySketch though, you can manage PayPal book-keeping and accounting with ease. It also lets you create reports, such as the monthly financial summary PayPal report with categorizes transactional values and sums them up under easily distinguishable and important verticals.

Besides giving you lightning fast access to all the data and report, PaySketch also does not enforce any date selection limitation (like max 31 days as exists if the reports are to be created on PayPal’s website). This saves our users a lot of time and work, which otherwise would have went in collating the data if multiple reports were required to be created given the date selection limitations. All this time saved can be put to more productive areas, rather than copying and pasting on excel spreadsheets.

To create the financial summary report for your PayPal transactions:-

  • Open PaySketch and login with your username and password.
  • Navigate to the Reporting Dashboard.
  • Select Complete Financial Report to be the report type.
  • Select a date range for which you wish to generate the report, along with the currency.
  • Hit the Generate Report button and the Financial Summary Report will generated and shown within a few seconds.

PayPal Financial Summary Report

PaySketch also gives the options to have the generated reports archived into PDF and CSV formats. This not only helps you keep a tight check on numbers, but also comes in handy when you wish to take print-outs of your business financial data. The generated financial summary reports looks very much like the one which you see on PayPal’s website, with most categories covered completely from top to bottom.

PayPal Monthly Financial Summary Report

PayPal Monthly Financial Summary Report

Besides letting users create such reports, PaySketch empowers business with real time analytics, accounting, bookkeeping and reporting around their PayPal account.

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