PayPal Bookkeeping

PayPal Bookkeeping Software

As a practice followed by merchants world wide, bookkeeping helps businesses stay on track. Web-entrepreneurs and merchants who use PayPal to accept and make payment often find it hard to realize that how difficult PayPal bookkeeping could get. The traditional way of ‘trying’ to keep track of each payment, money transfer, refund and other transactions includes logging into PayPal’s website and requesting to download PayPal transaction history (at max 90 days at a time). And you won’t get it instantly – have to wait for an email from PayPal, which has a link to download, saying that the transaction history is ready to be downloaded. Once downloaded, it doesn’t get any easier – you need to download transaction histories 3 month’s at a time (at max) and then club them together. PaySketch is a PayPal Bookkeeping software makes is super easy for you to manage accounting, bookkeeping and reporting.

PayPal Bookkeeping

PaySketch is a software built for PayPal merchants, and it lets them keep track of their sales, payments, customers and products. Here’s how PaySketch works:-

  • Download the free version of PaySketch (if you don’t have it installed already)
  • Install and connect PaySketch to your PayPal account by entering the PayPal API details
  • Once authorized, PaySketch will automatically start fetching and downloading transactions by linking to your PayPal account.
  • After the download completes, simply open the Transactions Dashboard in PaySketch and find all the transactions listed.

PayPal transactions


To view details for any transaction, simply click on it from the transactions table and the details will show up right away.

PayPal transaction details

Filter and search through PayPal transactions by applying various filters as shown in the application. For example:- find PayPal transactions by their status, type or between a date range. Easily download PayPal transactions in a click by pressing the download transactions button as shown right below the transactions table.

You can also book-keep to keep track of PayPal fees, currency charges and other statistics while you try to move ahead of times.

In addition to PayPal bookkeeping, users get enterprise level PayPal analytics and PayPal reporting capabilities in PaySketch.

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